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Janitorial services

With our 75 years of combined commercial cleaning management and ownership experience, Pinnacle fully understands the definition of Stewardship. We practice and perfect it on a daily basis. We come into your facility with an idea of putting together a comprehensive cleaning program with complete/detailed specifications to address your goal of having a safe, clean, organized facility for your vendors, customers ...
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Carpet cleaning

It is a shocking statistic that the majority of people in the world do not bother to clean their carpets as much as they should. Despite that fact that they are used on a daily basis, some people don’t do anything more than simply vacuum the visible dirt that is on the surface of the carpet. If this is the case for you, then it is important that you consider your carpet cleaning regime, as it could have an impact not only on the quality Read More

Office cleaning

If you are running an office on a daily basis, you will know just how difficult it can be to keep it clean, particularly when you’re pushed for time during the day. Often, it can turn into a bit of a rushed job, with the staff who work for you being asked to help out despite the fact that those duties are not in their job description. Over time, you may find that this causes decreased job satisfaction, leading to a drop in the quality of work that theyRead More

Medical Facility Cleaning

Because of our 75 years of Medical Cleaning experience which ranges from cleaning Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Dialysis Centers, Blood Centers, Vet Clinics, Dental Offices, Walk-In Emergency Clinics, General Medical Offices, Minor Surgery Centers and more, we understand the importance of true Disinfecting, Touch Point Focus Cleaning, Cross Contamination issues, IAQ issues, HAI issues etc.
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MRSA Cleaning and Prevention, Bacteria and Virus Prevention and Decontamination Services

Also we offer

Church cleaning

In today’s world, places of worship are often used as more than just weekly gathering places for congregations, ministers, and musicians. In fact... Read More

Construction Cleanup

If you have recently been working on a project that involved a construction site, you may be familiar with the amount of cleaning up that is requiredRead More

Restaurant Cleaning

We know Restaurants are all unique and different cleaning needs and budgets, because we have 75 years of commercial Read More

Commercial cleaning

One of the most important things when running a business is taking the time to think about how it is being viewed by those who visit. This is vital, as it Read More

Floor cleaning

No matter what type of environment you work in, the fact is that the floor is always going to be the area that is used the most. With potentially hundreds or even Read More

School cleaning

The 75 years of combined commercial cleaning experience that our management/ownership TEAM have at Pinnacle gives us ... Read More