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A cleaner workplace means happier and healthier staff

Office cleaning


When people go to their place of work every day it becomes like their second home. If they work in an office it is highly likely that they are dressed nicely in a suit or other office attire. If they are smartly presented for work, taking pride in their appearance, it is important that their surroundings are also nicely presented. People expect to work in offices that are up to a certain standard. It is very important therefore to make sure that office cleaning is done right all times.
People who work in their office and spend large amounts of day at their desk will no doubt eat and drink at their desk in fact less than 20% of American workers actually step away for a proper break at lunch time. If and when they do get up to walk around they do so in their shoes (not something that happens at home) but imagine how dirty the flooring must get! They will spend all day tapping away on their keypads and using their telephone. Over a period of time these items will start to become noticeably dirty. That’s just the places you can see. If this much dirt is accumulating in the places that you can see what about those that you can’t?

What is the impact of working in a dirty environment?

Now there are 2 things to consider here. Firstly is the hygiene element which we look at in greater depth in another article - "Germs in the Workplace" - but as an example an office keyboard is 100 x less hygienic than a kitchen table! With employee sickness costing businesses a lot of money it is important to ensure that your employees are working in a pleasant, germ free environment.
Secondly with so much wear and tear things will start to look and feel dirty. Imagine a new employee picking up a phone that has been used repeatedly used by someone else and put to their ear! If you are trying to provide a happy, motivational workplace for your employees then ensuring that their office working conditions are clean, spacious and pleasant will lead to happy, more productive staff.

General cleanliness

Offices should be cleaned at the end of every day with regular deep cleans. Not just because you have staff to consider but what about visitors? If you have customers that may visit your premises you want to give off the right impression. A good nightly clean will ensure that all surfaces are clean, that any cups, plates or other utensils are cleaned (every office needs a dishwasher) and that carpets and flooring are clean from the day to day grime of heavy traffic. Along with these daily tasks bins should be emptied and a general tidy up of the offices should be undertaken.

Dust and irritants

Dust and irritants

Dust can be found everywhere especially in all the nooks and crannies that don’t get cleaned every day. It can be an irritant to those who suffer with breathing problems like asthma. Another thing to consider is paper files. If you keep paper files in the office then it is important to have these paper stores regularly checked for paper mites. Paper mites, once they have made their way into an office can be hard to shift. Many offices are now making a move to paperless in a bid to become greener but there are still offices who store huge amounts of paper records, invoices and other documents.


As well as having clean surroundings it is also said that offices with plants lead to happier staff. Apparently they make the air cleaner! Minimalist offices are thought to make employees miserable so the addition of plants and other objects should be considered.

Hiring professional cleaners

There is a huge difference between domestic and commercial cleaners. The equipment is one of these differences. Whilst domestic cleaners will have a vacuum cleaner, a few bottles of cleaner and other limited equipment, a genuine commercial cleaner will have much more sophisticated machinery that enables them to carry out a more thorough, deeper clean more efficiently.
This equipment means that they can cover more ground and in less time but more than that is the experience that they bring. A good commercial cleaner understands the impact that dirty offices have on the health and welfare of its employees and knows the key areas of focus. Not only will they clean all the obvious places that you can see but they will also clean the places that you can’t see ensuring that your offices are kept up to a standard that will leave everyone happy in the workplace.



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