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The Benefits of Using Professional Construction Cleaning

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Construction projects are usually very messy, creating a large amount of dust and debris.  In most cases, the dust and debris created by a construction project will move throughout a building and accumulate in unexpected locations. 

The spread of dust can be a particularly serious issue because it can cause health problems in some people.  Dust may also damage the contents of a building, particularly if it lands on items like computers, telephones, paintings and furniture.  In addition to the risk of construction dust, some of the materials used in the construction process may be toxic and present a serious health risk if not cleaned up.

Professional construction cleaners can remove the dust and debris associated with construction projects quickly and efficiently.  They can make a building safe for workers, visitors and the owners.  This article will explore the benefits obtained from using professional construction cleaning services.

The Job Site Will Be Safer

Safe construction site

Construction projects can run over many weeks or months, and usually involve a variety of contractors.  If the initial contractors have left the job site covered in dust and debris, it may be a dangerous work environment for subsequent workers. 

Dust and debris can present a slip, trip or fall hazard for workers, which can result in injury or death.  The UK’s Health and Safety Executive reports that there were more than 76,000 injuries on job sites in 2014/2015 — many of which were caused by workers falling on the job.  Having professional construction cleaners clean a work site intermittently can reduce the risk of an accident occurring.

Cleaning Protects The Contents Of The Building

Dust and debris can quickly spread through a building and sometimes accumulates in unusual locations.  Construction dust can be thrown into the air very rapidly and push it’s way into other rooms through tiny cracks.  It often settles on light fittings, paintings, window ledges and wall hangings.  Electrical devices can also attract dust into a room due to the  electromagnetic fields that they emit. 

Professional construction cleaners understand the attention-to-detail required when cleaning up after construction has occurred.  By removing the dust and debris from all areas within a room, they reduce the risk of dust damaging or destroying objects.

A Clean Job Site Makes The Construction Company Look Professional

If you are operating a construction company, maintaining a clean work environment will look more professional in the eyes of your clients.  If a space is a complete and utter mess it will look like the site is in chaos and you are struggling to deal with simple issues like rubbish removal.

Cleaning Helps to Control Hazardous Materials

The Health and Safety Executive has documented the types of hazardous materials found on many job sites.  They include construction dust, cement, solvents, microorganisms, toxic paints, and toxic glues.  These items present a serious health risk for visitors to the site and construction workers.  Professional construction cleaners can remove these items before they have the chance to make someone ill.

Productivity Can Be Improved On The Work Site

It can become quite difficult for workers to move around a messy job site and get their job done.  They may have to remove rubbish themselves before they start working or be forced to sweep out rooms themselves —which can seriously impact their productivity.  It is much easier to move around a clean job site and get your job done.   

Professional Cleaners Have The Right Tools

Experienced construction cleaners have an array of tools designed to clean construction sites.  They include microfibre cloths, heavy duty shop vacuums with HEPA filters, extension poles, power washing equipment, hard floor maintenance equipment, heavy duty brooms, mops and wringers, ladders, carpet steam cleaners and window washing equipment.  They also have the appropriate safety equipment including dust masks, hard hats, protective eyewear, safety signs, and gloves.

It Is Cheaper To Hire a Professional

Professional construction cleaners can efficiently and thoroughly clean a building after construction or during the course of construction.  Because they are experienced at performing this type of cleaning, they can get the job done much more efficiently than a member of the construction crew or the property owner.



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