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Types of Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines

Floor cleaning machine


Professional commercial cleaners are often tasked with cleaning large indoor spaces like shopping malls, offices, and warehouses.  They require a set of tools that allows them to thoroughly clean very large spaces in a short period of time.

In terms of floor cleaning tools, commercial cleaners will often use steam cleaning machines, floor scrubbers, floor buffing machines, and heavy-duty industrial vacuums.  These industrial-strength machines allow the cleaners to efficiently clean these massive spaces.

Automatic Floor Scrubbers

Cleaning hard floors in a domestic environment is usually done by sweeping, vacuuming or mopping.  While this approach is effective for a home or small business, it is impractical for large buildings. 

Commercial cleaners will often use an automatic floor scrubber for spaces larger than 50 square meters.  These machines are used to apply a cleaning solution to the floor, lightly scrub the floor of debris and then vacuum up the dirty cleaning solution.  It is an all-in-one approach to cleaning a hard floor and can clean large spaces incredibly quickly.

The scrubbing brushes are usually rotary or cylindrical in design.  The bristles are soft enough to safely use on timber floors, but strong enough to remove tough debris like floor wax, surface stains, grease, and oil. 

Most automatic floor scrubbers contain two tanks — one for holding the cleaning solution and another for holding wastewater.  Floor scrubbers usually include a squeegee at rear of the cleaning head to help displace moisture as the scrubber moves.

There are both “walk behind” and “ride-on” auto scrubbers available.  Commercial cleaners will usually opt for ride-on models for very large operating environments like shopping centers or schools.

Floor scrubbing

Automatic floor scrubbers can clean a large interior space substantially faster than a vacuum or mop and are much more hygienic.  These machines also use less water and detergent compared to mopping — making them an environmentally friendly option.

Floor scrubbers are also used to strip floors of wax, dirt, and debris before the floor is re-sealed.  When used for this purpose, stronger floor stripping chemicals are required. 

Floor Buffing Machines

A floor buffing machine is used to clean and polish hard floors.  Floor buffers can be used on a variety of floor types including linoleum, hardwood, tile, and marble.  Similar to automatic floor scrubbers, these machines are available as walk-behind or ride-on variants.

Floor buffing machines contain variable speed brushes to dislodge dirt and a soft pad to polish the floor.  The rotating pad on a floor buffing machine can rotate as fast as 1000 RPM.  A floor buffing machine is typically used in large buildings with hard floors like schools, warehouses, and schools.  Most floor buffing machines use handlebars to control their movement. 

Commercial Electric Vacuums

Commercial electric vacuum cleaners are typically much more powerful than a domestic vacuum cleaner.  The other major differences include:

  • They are very rugged and durable
    Commercial vacuum cleaners are designed for heavy duty use.  The switches and controls are designed to be used all day, every day.  While a domestic vacuum cleaner is usually made from cheap plastic, commercial machines will use heavy duty plastic or metal.
  • They are usually upright vacuums
    A canister vacuum is unsuitable for most types of commercial cleaning because it is difficult to drag around.  Most commercial vacuums use a canister design.
  • Capable of handling wet and dry spills
    These vacuums are designed to handle almost any kind of mess thrown at it.  However, debris on construction sites may require a heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner.
  • A higher level of filtration
    Because commercial vacuum cleaners are used in sensitive environments like hospitals and doctor’s offices, they have to be very efficient at trapping dust and other allergens.  Most commercial vacuums will use a High-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filter to capture this material instead of recirculating it.
  • They will have very long power cords or use batteries
    Commercial machines usually have a very long power cord so the cleaner can vacuum one or more rooms without unplugging their machine.  With the improvements in battery technology over recent years, some new commercial vacuum cleaners use battery packs.  This allows the cleaner to rapidly move around a space without worry about having a power source available.


Steam Cleaning Machines

Commercial cleaners often use hot water extraction (steam cleaning) to clean carpets in commercial operating environments.  They do so because steam cleaning is extremely effective at removing stains, dirt, debris, and allergens from the carpet.

Steam cleaning involves a hot water and detergent solution being pushed into the deeper layers of the carpet under high pressure.  The solution and the debris it contains are then immediately vacuumed back into the steam cleaner.  The steam cleaner contains two chambers, one of the cleaning solution and one for the dirty water that has been extracted from the carpets.

A study published in 1995 found that steam cleaning with shampoos that contain tannic acid or benzyl benzoate was extremely effective at killing dust mites and removing allergens from carpet.  Many sensitive operating environments like hospitals, day care centres, and schools require steam cleaning to be performed on a regular basis to ensure allergens do not build up in the carpet.



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