Commercial cleaning services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Why choose a janitorial services for your business?

Janitorial services for your business


Do you hire a commercial cleaning or janitorial services company to fulfil your commercial cleaning needs? If the answer is no then here are a list of reasons why you should consider doing so.


Time is money to business owners. Your hourly rate is no doubt much higher than that of the people you employ and the services of a cleaning company would be much more cost effective than you using your time to do it yourself. You may have staff that do it for you or you may hire the services of a domestic cleaner but are you really getting the best value for money? Let’s face it – it’s not the job of your staff to keep the place clean and tidy – they are employed to do a job by you.


Domestic cleaners can keep a house or apartment very clean and are good at coming to your home a few times a week, dusting, vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms but they are not experienced or licensed to use certain products and chemicals and don’t have the knowledge to perform certain tasks needed by businesses. Whether you run a school, a medical facility, a busy office premises or other facility that would benefit from the expertise of a professional janitorial services you really do need a team that know what they are doing.


Domestic cleaners don’t have the equipment that janitorial services do. They don’t have your everyday vacuums – they have large machines that are specifically designed to cover greater areas in less time. Their equipment consists of extraction machines for deep cleaning floors and carpets, industrial mops and buckets and all manner of chemicals designed to perform miracles on tough dirt. In less time than it would take domestic cleaners they can have covered a much larger area. In businesses such as retail outlets and shopping malls there is often a lot of ground to cover in a short space of times.


Do you know how often your toilets should be cleaned to maintain good hygiene? Do you know the hundreds of germs and bacteria that can live on surfaces or do you understand how to prevent mould and mildew occurring in your workplace? The chances are you know the basics like anyone but do you know which are the best products to use to clean and maintain a healthy air space? This is where you will benefit from professional janitorial services. They have knowledge and experience of the right equipment to get the job done to an effective standard.


The great thing about hiring a professional company is that they understand that during the day you are trying to run a busy company. You may have a retail premises that is open from 9am – 6pm or you may have a round the clock medical facility that never shuts. You need someone that will clean and tidy after the store is closed or in quieter times if it is a round the clock premises. You don’t want your busy staff falling over equipment in the middle of the day – that is inconvenient not to mention costly if there is a claim for negligence.

Peace of mind

The great thing about hiring a team of professionals to do a job is that they are skilled in their field just as you are in yours. You can leave them to get the job done knowing that they have everything covered. A good janitorial team will be able to tell you what jobs need doing and how often and you will be able to get on with your business knowing that the cleaning aspect is in safe hands.
Before choosing the right janitorial services for your businesses make sure you do your research. Who are the best company to do the job? What policies and awards do they have and do they have good reviews? You will also need to make sure that all of their staff have certain checks especially in a school or medical facility and they have adequate insurance to cover any third party accidents. You don’t want to be held liable for their staff having an accident on your premises.



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