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Carpet cleaning services

21st Century carpet cleaning techniques are far cleaner and safer than traditional methods.
Traditional Methods of Hot Water Extraction

  • - More than 8 hours of dry time
  • - Resoiling is probable
  • - Potential growth of mold or mildew
  • - Ineffective for deep down cleaning
  • - Most problematic method of cleaning
  • - Costly per square ft.
  • - Leaves residue

We have multiple low moisture methods that utilize specialty-formulated chemicals, are Green Rated, and are also safe for pets, children, and adults.

One of these is the Encapsulation Method, which utilizes the highly productive Cimex machine. This machine features a chemical that crystallizes when drying and can be vacuumed out completely for maximum disinfection.

Other perks of this method include:

  • - No residue
  • - No “wicking effect”
  • - Dry time is less than 1 hour
  • - Low moisture
  • - Effective for topical and deep cleansing
  • - No resoiling due to alkalinity residue or dampness/over-wetting of carpets
  • - Cost effective

HOST – A completely dry, safe, productive, green way of carpet cleaning for Commercial and Residential Applications in more ways than one, including but not limited to:

  • - Being safe for pets, children, and anyone with allergies to mold or mildew
  • - Nature-based product
  • - Extremely low moisture
  • - Almost immediate dry times
  • - Low PH
  • - No residue left in carpet after being vacuumed
  • - Considered the safest way to clean carpets

In today’s world, there are simply safer and more effective ways of cleaning carpets, fabric-covered partitions, and upholstery than ever before. The aforementioned methods are regarded as effective, safe, environmentally friendly, productive, value-oriented, and budget-friendly ways of doing it. Our over fifty (50) years of commercial cleaning experience is at your service. Whether your facility is a multi-story office complex or a 1500 sq. foot home, we are guaranteed to have the methods that are best for your fabrics and your most valued assets (employees or family members!)