Church Cleaning Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Church cleaning

Church Cleaning
In today’s world, places of worship are often used as more than just weekly gathering places for congregations, ministers, and musicians. In fact, today’s facilities are commonly used for

  • - Civic group meetings and functions
  • - Wedding events
  • - Counseling venues
  • - Senior centers
  • - Pre and after school care facilities
  • - Schools
  • - Teenaged hang outs and coffee houses
  • - Finance/Stewardship trainings
  • - Special City/County functions
  • - And much more!

In lieu of their heavy foot traffic, churches must follow the principle training that utilizes its budgets for the good of all vs. the good of the flock. Since Pinnacle operates under the Stewardship Principle, we fully understand how valuable these dollars are to our costumers. We offer comprehensive programs focused on exceeding the cleaning needs of the facility with every dollar accounted for correctly.

We know how to build a program that fits the heavy use and budgetary constraints of our places of worship. Here at Pinnacle, we make every dollar count!  We put in mini-cleans, common area-focused, restroom/meeting room-focused programs that identify usage needs and utilize proper time and equipment to do the job correctly without any waste.

We utilize cleaning programs that help keep floors and carpets lasting longer, looking better, and smelling pleasant in order to give the proper impression of a clean and safe environment by which to learn and teach from.

We only use the safest, most technologically advanced chemicals and equipment for guaranteed high production and safety for floors, fabrics, and occupants.

We understand the need for proper infection control and employ Bio-Shield for 24/7 protection of surfaces and touchpoints.

If your current service provider only talks about lack of funds instead of value, it’s past time for a change! We understand and deliver a proper program utilizing the limited dollars available to bring quality and value to your place of worship!

All of our technicians are trained, supported, bonded/insured, and background checked for your peace of mind.  Because uniforms are mandatory for all Pinnacle team members, you will never have to wonder WHO is in your facility!