Commercial cleaning Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Commercial cleaning services

We are a highly productive, value-minded, stewardship-focused, and experienced provider of quality commercial cleaning services.

If you are looking for a low cost provider instead of a VALUE focused one, we aren’t the company for you! Due to our Stewardship Principles and our vast industry experience, we understand our customers’ potential budgetary restraints. We will put together a comprehensive cleaning program that will bring value to your budget and help us keep your facility clean and safe.

If your commercial cleaning company doesn’t talk about the following, then you should consider a new company:

  • - Infection control – yes, even in non-medical facilities!
  • - IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) standards
  • - Leed Certification – True Green Certification
  • - HEPA filtration -- allergens, airborne particles, dust
  • - Low moisture methods of cleaning carpets – safe, productive, effective
  • - Chemical-free stripping of floors -- safe, cost effective
  • - “Keeping Butts in Seats” – Employee absenteeism
  • - “Trust, but Verify” – Quality control program
  • - CIMS Certification -- Highest standard in our industry!
  • - Stewardship philosophy
  • - We have a moral obligation to our customers, our team members, our environment, and our mutual finances

Our company is focused on a Value vs. Cost mindset. It is estimated that companies lose nearly 22 billion dollars per year due to costs associated with employee absenteeism and non-productive hours due to illness. Your cleaning contractor has a direct effect on your turnover rate, productivity, loss of hours, and motivation, especially if you have a dirty and unhealthy facility.

We utilize Bio-Shield for 24/7 disinfection of all horizontal and touchpoint surfaces, We utilize low VOC chemicals for our Daily/Regular Cleaning Programs, as well as microfiber cleaning towels, dusters, mops, and dust mops for the ultimate dust control and infection/cross contamination control possible. Our teams are outfitted with the latest and most productive HEPA filtration vacuums, which have ability to not only handle carpet but also upholstery and other cloth-covered surfaces.

Our Ownership Team has over fifty (50) years of commercial cleaning industry experience and is constantly leading our teams to focus on quality goals and GREEN Methods of doing our regular and specialty cleaning tasks.

If your current provider doesn’t sound like Pinnacle, it’s time to start looking for a company that can give you more!