Commercial floor cleaning Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Commercial floor cleaning

What’s the first thing you notice when you walk into any facility or business?

Whether you’re a restaurant, grocery store, medical facility, school, or government office building, the most judged aspect of your facility is your floors. If your floors are noticeably clean, shiny, and streak free, you are assumed to be a quality, safe, and clean facility. If not, you are judged to be the opposite.

Our dual floor and carpet programs are highly effective, cost effective, and will give your facility the look you desire without fear of judgment.

We utilize Green Processes whenever possible.

We utilize Koblenz chemical-free stripping machines
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We utilize Cimex encapsulation carpet cleaning machines
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We utilize a program that increases the frequency of the drier methods of cleaning and polishing, more low moisture techniques, and higher quality finishes, in order to give complete value to the customer.

A proper floor care program for finished floors looks like this:

  • - Monthly restore and burnish
  • - Quarterly wet cleaning
  • - No full strip needed for years after strip and refinish- Today’s floor finishes simply don’t turn yellow, haze or scratch easily

A proper carpet care program for heavy-use facilities looks like this:

  • - Matting at all entrances, both inside and out
  • - Regular vacuuming with HEPA-filtered equipment
  • - Regular spot cleaning
  • - Two times a year encapsulation or host method of cleaning

The aforementioned programs are cost effective, approved by manufacturers, and will keep your facility and its users safe and healthy. If your current service provider isn’t spending money on technology, quality products, and does not understand the value of Stewardship, then it’s time for you to come to Pinnacle!

We are constantly upgrading our equipment, as well as learning, teaching, and listening to the industry experts on how to provide MORE value for equal to or sometimes even less money than our competitors.

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