Janitorial Services Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Janitorial Services

With our 75 years of combined commercial cleaning management and ownership experience, Pinnacle fully understands the definition of Stewardship. We practice and perfect it on a daily basis.

We come into your facility with an idea of putting together a comprehensive cleaning program with complete/detailed specifications to address your goal of having a safe, clean, organized facility for your vendors, customers and employees to visit and perform in.

Our certified cleaning technicians are fully versed and trained in the latest use of cleaning tools and technology available to them in order to insure we Meet/Exceed your expectations. We utilize the safest chemicals, best practices, latest equipment that is focused on providing a disinfected facility with exceptional IAQ Standards.

Some of those examples are as follows:

Color Coded Microfiber Cleaning Towels to avoid Cross Contamination
Understanding of Dwell Times for Proper Disinfection of Surfaces
HEPA Filtered Backpack and Upright Vacuums
Microfiber Dusters and Dustmops
Flat Mop Systems
Envirox Cleaning Chemicals
Touch Point Cleaning Techniques
Bio-Shield Application to Restrooms, Break Areas and Touch Points

Our technicians are fully background checked, bonded/insured, uniformed and ID Badged.

Our Orange QC tracking program allows you to see that we firmly believe in “Trust but Verify” of our Team’s performance.

Our company believes, trains, performs based upon being “Good Stewards”.