Medical facility cleaning Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Medical facility cleaning

Because of our 75 years of Medical Cleaning experience which ranges from cleaning Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Dialysis Centers, Blood Centers, Vet Clinics, Dental Offices, Walk-In Emergency Clinics, General Medical Offices, Minor Surgery Centers and more, we understand the importance of true Disinfecting, Touch Point Focus Cleaning, Cross Contamination issues, IAQ issues, HAI issues etc.

Our certified Cleaning Technicians are currently focused on the following training programs:

BloodBourne Pathogen Guidelines
Terminal Cleans
Importance of IAQ Standards
No Touch Cleaning Systems
Dwell Times for proper Disinfecting
Color Coded Microfiber Cleaning Towels
Importance of PPE
Chemical Training/Safe Use
Bio-Shield Technology
Importance of Flat Mop System
Touch Point Cleaning Focus
Production Rate focused program

We have as simple Quality Control motto which is “Trust but Verify”, we purposefully track our progress utilizing the Orange QC program.

We believe that being “Good Stewards” is not something we market, but focus on, train too, organize ourselves under that mindset.

Proper Floor Cleaning and Care Procedures are a must for a completely clean facility which include proper finishing techniques, Low moisture carpet cleaning, No Touch Restroom Cleaning.

We apply Bio-Shield on a quarterly basis at no extra charge to waiting areas, restrooms and touch points throughout your facility.