Office cleaning Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Office cleaning services

We consider ourselves “Green Clean” specialists at Pinnacle. As such, we continuously work to utilize the latest and safest Green Rated chemicals, equipment, and methods in our ever-changing industry.

As part of our cleaning procedures, we feature items and methods such as

  • - Envirox
  • - Microfiber color coded cleaning towels, dusters, dust mops, and flat mops
  • - HEPA-filtered Upright and Backpack Commercial Vacuums
  • - Low moisture carpet cleaning – featuring the Encapsulation method, HOST
  • - Chemical-free stripping processes - No stripper needed
  • - Bio-Shield Disinfection Program

Our highly trained and certified cleaning teams are extremely effective, quality motivated, well paid, uniformed, bonded, and insured. We do a complete national search background check via Infomart System.

Our OrangeQC program monitors quality performance, work orders, and staffing levels on a 21st Century platform, which we always make accessible to customers via a cloud based access system, no special logins or downloads needed.

At Pinnacle, we always make sure our technicians are background checked and put through a multi-layer interview process. After the hiring process is complete, our technicians are subsequently trained, properly equipped, management supported, with a direct focus on being quality motivated/rewarded. We purposefully put them in geographic locations closest to their home or full time job in order for them to be successful long term in cleaning your facility and protecting your most valuable assets (Employees, Customers, Vendors!)

If you are looking for a low cost cleaning experience instead of VALUE, we ARE NOT your cleaning company! We pride ourselves on giving our customers a high quality cleaning experience every single time. Due to our Stewardship Operating Principle, we understand the importance of being good stewards with your finances, our environment, our team members, and our customers.

As a company, we have over 50 years of commercial cleaning experience in our ownership Team and Regional Director which is ALWAYS LOCAL!