School cleaning Baton Rouge, Louisiana

School cleaning

The 75 years of combined commercial cleaning experience that our management/ownership TEAM have at Pinnacle gives us a unique advantage and perspective in regards to the daily needs/demands of schools of all shapes and sizes.

Our comprehensive cleaning program is well defined and is the best way for us to utilize your cleaning budget in the most productive way possible. We understand the importance of having a Day Time presence in many cases to the overall success of your cleanliness standards and comfort level as that person can easily handle cleaning of sensitive areas, emergency spill cleanup, keeping front entrance areas presentable, policing of restrooms and cafeteria to insure quality.

We understand the need and importance of investing in High Production Equipment and Cleaning Techniques as well as focus on cutting edge chemicals and emerging virus control technology such as Bio-Shield.

We have the ability to invest some/all of the following into your facility:

Automatic Scrubbers
 No Touch Restroom Cleaning Systems
 HEPA Filtered Backpack and Upright Vacuum Cleaners
 Wide Area Vacuum Cleaners
 Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Systems
 Microfiber Cleaning Towels- Color Coded to avoid Cross-Contamination Issues
 Safe and Effective Chemical Systems
 Routine Touch Point Cleaning both Daily and Bio-Shield Applications
 Bio-Shield Fogging of all Restrooms, Locker Rooms, Weight Rooms-Quarterly

All of our Cleaning Technicians and Licensees have been properly Background Checked, Gone through an aggressive training program on Chemical Usage, Dwell Times, Bloodbourne Pathogens and are fully Bonded and Insured.

With our Orange QC program we have laid the foundation of “Trust but Verify” Inspection Program.

We don’t just talk about being Good Stewards, We practice and perfect it everyday!