Area development program

What makes our Area Developer Program different than all the rest offered by other companies?

Answer: Our Stewardship Operating Principle

Once you read fully all of the information under the Stewardship Tab located on our website, once you see the experience of the Ownership and Support team, you will have your answer.  Our goal must be to make you and your TEAM successful. That TEAM includes any/all of your employees AND your potential Sub-Licensees.

Our Ownership Team has over fifty (50) years of Small Business and Commercial Cleaning experience. We have the programs in place to assist you well in your dream of small business development and ownership.

Cost: $9500.00 to $35,000.00 depending on MSA. The largest City in its entirety is $35,000.00 and we have many STATES available for $35,000.00 investment.  4% Royalty Fee Only on Gross Revenue.


  1. a) Exceptional Support
  2. b) Use of Logo/Brand Development
  3. c) Website/SEO program, domain specific, No Charge for 1st year then $250.00 per month after
  4. d) All Marketing Templates, Operational Manuals, Bidding/Estimating Support
  5. e) Sub-Licensing Program for Multi- Tiered Revenue Stream
  6. f) Buying Group Access for Equipment, Chemicals, Insurance and More
  7. g) Potential Ala-Carte purchase of Accounting, 21st Century Marketing, Telemarketing

Current Cities in Operation: Baton Rouge and Lafayette, LA | Indianapolis, IN | Cincinnati, OH

Licensee Program:

Cost: $3500.00


  • a) Use of company logo/brand
  • b) Operational, Administrative and Sales support on-going from Area Developer and Corporate Office
  • c) Book based and Computer based training programs
  • d) Uniforms and Initial Base equipment/starter package
  • e) Guaranteed Split
  • f) Simple Sales/Marketing Fee charge of 1.5 times monthly billing
  • g) Zero Interest Growth Program

Please fill out contact form on website for more information and response from Ownership.


Another Group of our Highly Effective Licensee's getting supported/trained by our TEAM in Lafayette/Baton Rouge