Stewardship Training

Stewardship of TEAM
Stewardship of CUSTOMER
Stewardship of ENVIRONMENT
Stewardship of FINANCES

Stewardship of our TEAM

1.Opportunity for all, from the frontline workers to Licensee's, we must offer opportunity to grow within the company and prepare them to take advantage of that opportunity.
2. Inverted Triangle Theory
3. Each of us are connected/responsible
4. Discipline/desire to succeed

Stewardship of our CUSTOMER

1.Their Facility is Our Facility
2.Partnership based on trust
3.Value: We must understand that we must give the MOST VALUEfor the LEAST DOLLAR
4.Discipline/Desire to succeed

Stewardship of our ENVIRONMENT

1.Utilize the Best/Safest Chemicals Possible
2.Best Practices will be based on IAQ Principals, non-toxic applications, GREEN when possible.
3.A clean workplace is a Healthy Workplace. It is a safe haven for all, especially children.
4.Discipline/Desire to succeed

Stewardship of our FINANCES

1.Spend what we must; Focus and streamline our purchasing
2.Do more for less (Value is based on being smarter, working smarter, organization, and time management)
3.Company Money/Customer Money is OUR MONEY, treat it as such
4.Discipline/Desire to succeed


Discipline isn’t about punishing, it is more about focus of effort....

- Don’t make someone ask for the same thing over and over again. Handle it immediately and move on to the next    task/subject.
- Consistency is mandatory in Discipline. Be consistent regardless of the situation, problem, or stress level.


- “Buying In”
- Understanding that what I do daily matters to more than just myself. It matters to the Customer, to the Company, to    the TEAM, to the Employees, and to my Family.
- More than just a word; it is a habit
- Discipline – Consistency – Commitment is necessary to succeed as a TEAM


- Acting the same way (Who you are)
- Policy today is Policy of Tomorrow
- Start & End your Day and Week the same way
- Inspect the same way
- Teach the same way
- Talk the same way
- Organization is key to Consistency

Core 4 Principals

- TEAM – We win and lose as a TEAM. Victories are sweeter, losses are diminished.
- CUSTOMER – Quality is Job only. Partnership.
- ENVIRONGMENT – Best practices on chemicals, IAQ, Employee/Workplace Safety.
- FINANCES – Company money is our money. You must treat and protect is as such.

Stewardship History

- A theological belief that humans are responsible for the world and are tasked to take care of it.
- An ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources.
- A theory that managers, left on their own will act as responsible stewards of the assets.

Stewardship History

- “We should love people not only words and talk, but by our actions and true caring” 1 John 3:17 - 18
- “Men should regard us as Servants of Christ and Stewards of the mysteries of God... Moreover,it is required in    stewards that a man be found faithful to his gifts” Corinthians 4:1-2

ISO 20121 defines stewardship: “Responsibility for sustainable development share by all those whose actions affect Environmental performance, Economic activity, Social progress, reflects as both value and practice by individuals,
organizations, communities and competent authorities.”

Inverted Triangle of Service

Stanley Doobin – Owner of Harvard Maintenance first previewed this operating process over 15 years ago .... Simply put, the most important to least important aspect of a successful Janitorial Service Business is as follows....

Employees – If we havea proper hiring process, a proper training process, a proper setting of our Company Standards, a proper management check in relation to progress and promotion, we will have a successful company and a
happy customer.

Frontline Supervision – If we have promoted from within, the core value of the employee will transfer over into leadership opportunity/position. We must train at a different level, support at a different frequency and
train them in a consistent effort by which they will stay with the organization and go to and therefore help the organization to go to the NEXT LEVEL.

District/Regional Management – If we have promoted from within, the core values of the opportunities prior will lead directly to their ultimate level of success. If we have not promoted from within, we must ask ourselves where we failed. We must now teach them to be “Good Stewards” for the sake of the Customer, their TEAM, and the Company.

Suppliers/Vendors – are a direct extension of our company. They must hold the same values and offer exceptional service at a reasonable price. Loyalty matters in this partnership and Vendors are Partners in our ultimate Success and are to be treated as such, versus a commodity. However, they must not take advantage of the Partnership at any moment or time.

Executive Level – Must understand that they only succeed when everyone else directly below them is successful. They must lead. Leadership Matters. They must be “Good Stewards” as we are all accountable to one another and ultimately the company’s success.


- Definition: Quality or state of being accountable or to account for one’s actions.
- “Accountability grows Responsibility” – Stephen Covey
- “Good men/women prefer to be accountable” – Michael Edwards
- A good coach will hold the TEAM accountable for both their actions and their results.
- “Employers today are looking to their leaders to think more strategically. No longer is it acceptable to simply focus on    day to day issues. The TEAM is accountable to each other.” – Catherine Pulsifier
- “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” – Benjamin Franklin

Sense of Urgency

- Too many people mistake Urgency for panic. Nothing could be further from the real definition and therefore have an    operational mindset by operating with a “Sense of Urgency.”
- Urgent behavior is not driven by a belief that all is well, nor by, everything is a mess, but instead that the world    contains great opportunities and hazards for business.
- Urgent Action is not created by feelings of fear, anxiety, nor frustration, but by a desire to move onto the next task and    to have a “Win Now”demeanor.
- Those feelings (Sense of Urgency) will lead to a behavior in which you and your TEAM will become more alert,    proactive, and engaged.
- A true Sense of Urgency is highly positive and creates a highly focused TEAM because it naturally directs you/them to    be more alert/aware as to the situation or goals at hand.
- TEAM’s that are determined to move and win, now, simply do not waste time nor do they add stress to one another by    engaging in wasted motion or events. They have a focus and a purpose.
- Complacency is Toxic to a company or TEAM.
- “Without a Sense of Urgency, desire loses its value.” – Jim Rohn
- True urgency is not the product of success or failures but the result of people, up and down the ladder, who provide    leadership needed to create and grow the company.

Close the Loop

- Clear objective and purpose.
- Communicate in a clear and concise manner.
- Create, initiate, and follow up.
- Document, discuss, and plan actions needed.
- Follow up and follow through when promised.
- Repeat the above steps until loop is closed.

Set the Standard

- Job descriptions are a general outline of duties.
- Training should be direct, detailed, and in writing.
- Quality is Job only.
- Inspect what you expect.
- Failure is not an option.
- Serve the customer and the TEAM.
- Snowball effect.

Operations – Hiring

- Quality of Person matters.
- How do they look and handle themselves?
- How do they communicate?
- Past history/performance.
- Why do they want the opportunity?
- Since you or your TEAM has to work with them, would you hire them?
- Warm bodies are not welcome!

Operations – Training

- Make sure they have a list of approved chemicals and processes by which to operate.
- Make sure they have job duties/specifications.
- Make sure you and your managers spend quality and quantity time with them initially.
- Set the standard.
- Inspect what you expect and train to that expectation.